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ESX Auction Liquidation Services

ESX Auction & Liquidation Services

When your company is liquidating assets, you want to realize maximum value.

When your company is liquidating assets, you want to realize maximum value. There are four key reasons businesses consider liquidating their assets:

  • Assets are no longer needed (surplus assets)
  • To generate cash
  • To satisfy creditors
  • Facility closure

About Us

  • We have extensive experience with liquidating a wide array of commercial and industrial assets.
  • Our solutions include auction, straight purchase, or consignment.
  • We offer a TURNKEY solution for facility closures; we will manage the closure to meet all your landlord’s end of lease requirements.
  • Excellent customer service and hands-on attention.
  • Customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Auction Services

  • We provide comprehensive, experienced auction liquidation services, either online or onsite.
  • We work meticulously to ensure you obtain maximum value. With over 70 years in the business, we have the expertise to handle any size auction.
  • With our large database of potential buyers, we can directly reach out to our closest industry contacts and personally invite them to participate.
  • Strategic advertising campaigns provided by a dedicated sales team
  • Our proprietary auction platform and online technologies connect you with qualified buyers from all over the world.



The ESX Asset Auction and Liquidation Playbook

Kick-Off – Detailed Inventory

  • Our team will take a detailed Inventory of the assets your business owns and wishes to liquidate.
  • The inventory will include a detailed description and photos of each asset.
  • Upon completion of the final inventory, we will provide you with a detailed spreadsheet of your assets. 

Huddle – Determine best play to sell your assets

Liquidation Sale

  • We sell your assets in an orderly fashion over a period of time.
  • Works best when there are fewer assets and time is not a constraint.
  • Values tend to be better as time is taken to find the right buyer at the market value.

Auction Sale

  • Auctions sales take place very quickly and efficiently consolidating sales expense and to meet deadlines.
  • Assets are sold to the highest bidder.
  • Values are driven by the bidding process. 

Game Plan Review – Establish the anticipated liquidation Value of Your Asset

These estimates will help in the planning process and will help validate offers that come in later during the sales process.  We will work with you to determine value while considering several factors:

  • Timeline to sell all assets.
  • Quantity of items may impact demand for all.
  • Current actual market conditions.

Halftime – Plan, Plan and…Plan

We now know the assets we’re selling and the best way to market them, you have the following options:

  • We can offer to purchase all the assets and we take it from there. We take ownership of all your assets; we take on all the sales expense and we take on the expense of removing all the equipment and getting your space back to the condition you agreed to with your landlord.
  • As your partner, we manage the entire process for you while you fund the entire project, and we earn an agreed commission and management fee.

Whichever option you decide to go with, we will get into the weeds to understand all that is required to deem the project a success and create a detailed project plan to ensure all your requirements are met.


At ESX we take tremendous pride in getting the job done and meeting all your expectations.